For the best Journey experience we recommend coming either of the first two weekends due to the larger crowds expected later in the season.

1) Who will enjoy this event?


People seek haunt entertainment on all different levels. This year, we are pleased to announce new features to accommodate a larger variety of thrill- seekers. "The Dark Side" is our most intense thrill-seeking opportunity with all the scares and screams you come to expect from a high quality haunt. The "Journey through Castle Bloodworth" is a unique offering that will challenge your mental faculties. And if you're not already out of your mind, The "FUN" House is sure to drive you there! If you manage to endure all three of these attractions, and still want more, for an added charge you can attempt "The Last Ride" casket simulator experience. Journey Haunts are self-guided and self-paced, after all, we each must choose our own destiny.

2) Is this event good for families?

Yes! Although each member of the family may prefer one attraction over another, there is something for most everyone at Journey, though we don't recommend dragging very young children down the "The Dark Side"!

3) Will "The Last Ride" be available to experience at Journey?

Yes for an additional fee. Keep a close watch on the "Last Ride" page of this site for the most current schedule of it's whereabouts.

4) What times are you open?

We open every night at 7:30 pm. The last ticket will be sold at 10:30 pm. The trails will stay open until the last person gets through. Come early and have dinner while you wait! Concessions are available for purchase.

5) Will Journey be open if it Rains?

Journey Crew Members are NOT afraid of rain! Rain-outs will be called by 5:00 pm each day, though we will do everything in our power to remain open. Please check our website for the most up to date information.

6) How Should I Dress?

Journey is an outdoor event that takes place deep in the woods. The walking trails are natural trails, with roots, ruts, rough, and slippery spots. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing - sandals, flip-flops, heels and skirts are NOT recommended. Oh! If you are prone to wetting or soiling yourself when you get scared (as many of our victims do), you may want to bring a change of undergarments too!

7) What Can't I Bring on the Trails?

No alcohol, tobacco products (no tolerance for smoking on the trail due to fire hazard), lighters, laser pointers, profanity, sharp objects, metal objects, flashlights or glow sticks.

8) Does your haunt have anything to offer children who aren't ready for the intensity of Journey Trails?

Depending on age, sensitivity level, and the lack of ability to differentiate pretend from reality, our two main attractions may be too intense for some children. However, the Fun House should be able to be enjoyed by all. And of course, don't forget the Masquerade Parade that Everyone will love!

9) Who sponsors this event?


10) What is a National Haunters Convention?

There are haunt conventions that take place all over the world where fellow-haunters go to get educated on their craft, see the latest technology in the industry, and show off their talents.

In 2009 and 2010, Journey Trails entered, and won, FIRST PLACE in the Makeup Wars Competition at the National Haunters Convention in Pennsylvania. This is an honored title, we are proud to bear. This is what the judges have to say about our work...

"The National Haunters Convention is pleased to announce Journey Haunted Trails as the first place winner of our 2009 MAKEUP WAR competition. The competition was held April 11, 2009 at the Valley Forge Convention Center, PA. The event is held so as to be a measurement of creativity and skill within the haunted attraction industry.

Winning this event is a testament of your talent. Through the innovative use of your materials, you created a creature that not only surpassed your peers at the competition, but rivaled the work of many professional artisans within the horror/haunt industry.

The novelty of your methods was both surprising and respected. In a competition that is often won by teams with deep pockets and years of experience, it was refreshing not only, to see your work but revel in your results. To overhear an industry professional (Raven of Raven FX) state "They shouldn't be able to do that with what they're using, that's incredible." revealed to the judges the depth of your work.

The judges could not tell with the Journey Haunted Trails where the man ended, and the monster began."

- Mike Bruner, National Haunters Convention

11) Who attends this event?

So far, in our nine-year history, our victims have come from all over Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio and England.

12) What are others saying about Journey Trails?

Here are just a few comments we have received during Journey Trails:

"Excellent!" "Very Professional!" "Very Creative!" "Awesome!"

"Loved It!" "I want to work here!" "S-a-weet"!

"Awesome! Fun! Exhilarating! I go every year for the laughs and the screams. It isn't just about scaring the death out of you it is about how Heaven and Hell might feel like, according to the Bible."

"Very good! They put a lot of work into it and it will scare the pants off of you...It will make you think about Hell!"

"Scary as CRAP!"

A car loaded with young adults came late one night because they were from out of town and had gotten lost. When they finally arrived, disgruntled because they had been riding so long, they said, "This better be good". We promised them it would be. You could hear them scream the whole way down the trail! When they finally arrived at the end, they informed us they try to go to all the haunts in the Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland areas, and Journey was, hands-down, the best they have ever experienced.

13) Can I work at Journey Trails?

We are currently accepting applications for committed volunteers. Please fill out and submit the Journey Volunteer Application

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